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[/SIZE][SIZE=+2][SIZE=+1]The Borley Rectory has been described as the most haunted house in England.
It was located near Long Melford, Suffolk .
[/SIZE]According to Harry Price, the rectory was built in 1863 by the Rev. H. D. E. Bull.
Ghostly footsteps were reported in the rectory in 1886. H. D. E. Bull died on May 2, 1892 and H. F. Bull became the rector of Borley.
On July 28, 1900, Mrs. Bull saw the ghost of a nun on the rectory lawn.
Many other ghost sightings were reported for several years and on June 10, 1929, the noted ghost hunter,
Harry Price was invited to investigate. The Rev. G. Eric Smith, who had moved into the rectory in October 1928,
ended up leaving in July 1929 because of the ghostly activity. Poltergeist activity was reported.
The Rev. L. A. Foyster and his wife moved into the rectory on October, 16, 1930. More ghostly activity happened despite
an exorcism by two priests. Mrs. Foyster was given a black eye when struck by a poltergeist. Bells were rung and strange noises were heard.
In August, 1931, the Foysters held a seance in an attempt to stop the haunting.

In October 1935, the Foysters moved out. Harry Price rented the rectory for one year in order to conduct investigations in May,
1937. Many strange superatural things happened. In December, 1938, Captain W. H. Gregson took possession of the rectory,
which was renamed Borley Priory. On February 27, 1939, the house was destroyed by fire.


[SIZE=+2]The above picture is known as 'The Brown Lady' of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England.
The photo was taken in the earlier part of this century by two photographers who went to Raynham Hall for a photo shoot
for the cover of their mag. One of the photographers saw the apparition and yelled for the other man to take the picture-- and he did,
so that's what came out. Before that the Brown Lady had been seen many times before.
Her portrait was in one of the rooms and that room was said to be the most haunted room of the entire place.
A man volunteered to sleep there as an experiment one night, and not seeing anything, walked down the hall to another room
with two younger boys and they talked about guns that they owned and then got on the subject of the alleged ghost of The Brown Lady.
They laughed it off, then agreed to walk him back to his room for the night. While in the hall, they stopped when they saw a tall lady
float across the hallway towards them, holding a lantern. They froze and watched in shock as she floated across from them.
Then she turned and looked at them with a look so full of malice and hate that it chilled the man staying in her room.
He jumped out and aimed his gun at her, shooting her. The bullet went right through her and at that moment she disappeared.
She wasn't seen again for nearly half a century. She is a very popular ghost.


[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]Located in San Diego California. The United States Chamber of Commerce has declared the Whaley House as being officially haunted.
The house has all the signs of being haunted. Apparitions, cold spots, feelings of being touched, strange lights, footsteps, rappings,
objects moving, odd smells and feelings of being watched. All of these and more have been observed in the
Whaley House since it opened to the public in 1960.

In its 150 year history many mysterious deaths were recorded and a hangig. Some hauntings include a attorney who managed
the Whaley affairs during the Civil War and was said to have fallen in love with the house. Another spirit is Mrs. Anna Whaley,
she likes to play the piano to let others aware of her presence.
[/SIZE]Events do not occur everyday at the Whaley House.
This house has been regarded as being the most actively haunted house in America.


[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]The Dragshom Slot (Castle) is in Sealand, Denmark. It was built in 12th century by the Roskilde bishop.
When the building of the castle was completed, it became the residence for both kings and several noble families.
Now it is owned by the Bottger family who has converted the castle into a hotel.

The most popular ghost there is the 'white lady'. The white lady is said to be the daughter of one of the many previous owners of the
castle. When she was in a young age, she fell in love with common man who worked in the castle.

The relationship went on for some time.
Since the father was a rich and respected man, they kept their love secret. But one day the father caught them and was furious.
He was so angered that he actually made the servants of the castle imprison his daughter inside a thick wall of the castle!
It is said that because of the tragic event, she every night returns to the castle and walks around the corridors.


[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]It is not well known that Abraham Lincoln was very interested in parapsychology and seances in his later years. Another person in the White
House was fond of seances as well, Eleanor Roosevelt. She has reported to have become friends with Abraham Lincoln through her many seances over the
years. Harry Truman once wrote about the maids in the White House were very disturbed at seeing what they thought was Lincoln's ghost. On one occasion
Truman was trying to work, but was repeatedly disturbed by constant knocking at his office door. He commented to a friend "I think it must have been
Lincoln's ghost walking down the hall."

W hen Jacqueline Kennedy was asked about Lincolns "spirit" she stated she felt Lincoln's presence many times, and "took great comfort in it".
Lincoln's son Willie has also been seen in the Grant and Taft administrations. He died in the White House when Lincoln was President.
Many speculate that Lincoln's spirit stays on in the White House because of the trauma and stress indured while in office. Others feel Lincoln appears
in times of crisis in America.


[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]Secret rooms, bloodstained stones and pacts with the Devil have shrouded Scotland's Glamis Castle in mystery and hauntings.
Shakepeares Macbeth is rumored to have murdered King Duncan within its walls and Malcom II's bloody death had stained the
floor so violently that the room was bricked up. Did the echoes of these events leave a residue that walks at night?

Glamis also has its own 'grey' lady. She is believed to be the ghost of Janet Douglas, the wife of the sixth lord of Glamis, James.
After his death one morning, she was suspected of killing him yet with a lack of evidence, the charges were dropped. She, however,
had gained the reputation of being a witch. There was no evidence needed for a trial of that kind,
so when she came under suspicion for plotting the murder of the King of Scotland, she was tried, condemned and executed in
Edinburgh in 1537. Her ghost returned home and now wanders the halls of Glamis, looking for justice.


[/SIZE][SIZE=+2]From the beginning of colonization in Australia until the dawn of the modern age and medicine, contagious disease posed
a deadly threat to the isolated community. With the arrival of each ship in Sydney Harbor carrying goods and settlers from the
far flung corners of the globe, came the dreaded prospect of epidemics ravaging the outside world. With smallpox, cholera, Spanish influenza,
bubonic plague and other contagious diseases regularly sweeping the world it became essential to the colony that a quarantine facility
be established to act as a barrier between it and the outside world- which was erected in 1828.
Indeed the Station feels more like an army barracks than it does a Quarantine Station, more like a holiday camp than a place where 572 men,
woman and children lived, suffered from horrendous diseases, died nd were consigned to one of its three overgrown or demolished cemeteries.

Some of the more common tales which you may hear while on a tour of ths Station include the story of the ghostly girl with blonde
plaits who occasionally holds a tourists hand and leads them around the pathways. Some visitors see her hiding behind bushes or
even tugging at their jacket sleeve. Some say she speaks to them or see here as a child on a tour, only to be told later there was
no children on their tour. An Asian man is also said to haunt the balconys of a few buildings,
he'd stand there watching in the night until disappearing into the darkness. Many people have felt uncomfortable and have
frozen on the spot of the old cemtery where a lone gravestone now is the only remaining evidence of
the hundreds of bodies buried below.


During the civil war Zahle, Lebanon was a major contribution to the military forces of Lebanon.
El Jeish El Adime is a old building where soldiers used to stay during the war , it is used for military training sessions in the city of zahle .
A few nights in a row it was reported that Lebanese soldiers ran out of the building because they heard violent screams inside
and all of their weapons and materials was seen floating in the air and being thrown out of the building .

The building is not used anymore yet many people know of the haunting stories of El Jeish El Adime- many who visit it have told of
bizarre experiences such as hearing the sounds of bullets being fired and also some faint screams from just outside the complex,
one man also said that he suddenly got thrown down the stairs by a invisible force on his way upstairs.

[SIZE=+2]Within the thick walls of the beautiful Hoensbroek Castle is a blue lady wandering around. She is said to have been a
inhabitant of the castle in its long history, she had two children who died at an early age. They were supposedly buried inside the castle
walls while the blue lady wasn't informed. Now she searches for them at night. Many people that have worked at the castle at night claim
to have seen the blue lady. One security guard swears that he heard chairs being moved in a room he had just visited and when he went
back to take a look, he indeed found the chairs in a different positions than he had seen them just a moment before. Many reported seeing
a blue haze in the near distance wandering through walls. The walls of the castle sound solid when knocking on them, except for one wall
which sounds hollow. It has never been investigated, but could this be the place where the two children are buried?


Maitland Gaol, Located in Maitland about 170km North of Sydney. It was first opened on the 1st of January 1849,
following the closure of Newcastle Gaol on 31st December, 1848. The site was first built (the foundation stone was laid) in 1844.
It's designer was colonial architect Mortimer Lewis.The design of the Gaol was based on English Gaols, local sandstone was brought in from
nearby Morpeth and Farlye and used to construct it. The first 40 convicts arrived in 1848. Convicts were forced to walk from the nearby Steel town
Newcastle after it's closure on 31st December, 1848. The prisoners were forced to walk to the gaol in shackles and chains.
Executions were often carriedout inside the gaol. Prisoners were hung at the control center in front of a gathered crowd of
locals who would enjoy the spectacle of seeing a prisoner be executed.
Conditions were indeed very harsh in the old gaol as the Prison was originally built to house only 150 prisoners.
Eventually it became overcrowded with over 300 prisoners. The prisoners mental and physical health suffered greatly and
their anguish can sometimes still be heard echoing through the dark cells that remain to this day. The Gaol was still open and in
use until January 1998 and was considered one of the toughest gaols in Australia. The Australian Government closed it down after
deciding that it was no longer suitable for prisoners. The security measures and old cells were no longer desirable to house such dangerous criminals.
The cell blocks, cells and everything else appears as though the prisoners were there just a few minutes ago.
The gaol is regarded as one of Australia's Most haunted sites. It's haunted history tells of dark figures seen wandering the cells at night,
grabbing and pushing some unsuspecting tourists. Breathing down the backs of their necks, or scratching them.
The guides who take the night tours have had many a seriously bizarre encounters

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