Minimum Speed For Broadband Set To 2 Mbps


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Minimum Speed for Broadband Set to 2 Mbps | HiFi Public

Government has instructed regulatory commission BTRC to yet again change the definition of broadband. This time, the threshold is to be set to 2 Mbps for an internet connection to be considered broadband.

Minimum speed for broadband was first set to 128 kbps back in 2008. It was increased to 512 kbps and was subsequently elevated to 1 Mbps in 2013.

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india ch kinni hai minimum internet speed as per govt, and maximum speed only for normal users, corporate connection di gal nhi kr riha.

and mobile lai v koi minimum speed fix kiti tri ne ya nhi

Arun Bhardwaj

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khush ho jao jo dukhi c porn sites ban hon krke, 700 sites unblock krtiya, bus hun ohi sites block ne jihna te child porn diya videos c.