Minimalist Multi-Touch Glass Keyboard And Mouse


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Here’s a cool project from ________ by Jason Giddings, a multi-touch glass keyboard and mouse. No this keyboard is not made by Apple but it does use the same less is more mentality.

The multi-touch glass keyboard and mouse are currently in the concept phase and pledges are being taken to make them a reality. The mouse and keyboard looks very elegant and modern and are sure to be a conversation piece at the office. They have been designed to make use of existing proven technology and don’t contain any moving parts. The devices are wireless and will come with rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries, Bluetooth support, and sound and light which can be disabled.

The multi-touch keyboard contains all the keys you’d find in a traditional keyboard but they’re drawn on the back side of the glass, so they won’t rub off over time. The glass is placed on a metal base and contains an infrared LED light at the base and a camera is placed below the glass to make the keyboard work, using FTIR technology (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection). When keys on the keyboard are touched, it “frustrates” the light and bounces it down towards the camera, which determines the location and sends the information to your computer and you get letters and numbers on your monitor. Pretty simple, right?

The multi-touch glass keyboard is not only cool looking but it also has a few advantages over a conventional keyboard. There should be none of the annoying noise when keys are hit, since the surface is flat, you don’t have to worry about food crumbs getting stuck between the keys, and if you spill a bit of coffee, it should be easily wiped off.

The pledge goal for this project was set at $50,000 which has already been surpassed, so we know this keyboard and mouse will be going into production.