Microsoft set to launch Arc multi-touch mouse?


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Microsoft could be set to announce a multi-touch mouse in the coming weeks.

Company officials registered on Tuesday March 30 this year and several European retailers have begun publishing listings for a "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse". Blogger Long Zheng spotted the details and notes that the new mouse could be the result of a Microsoft Research program dubbed "Mouse 2.0". The project detailed different designs for a prototype multi-touch mouse and one of the prototypes looks similar to the current Microsoft Arc Mouse.

Microsoft officials published a research PDF paper in October 2009 which contains pictures of a possible multi touch mouse:

Image: Prototype mouse from Microsoft Research

Image: Current Microsoft Arc Mouse

If Microsoft plans to introduce the multi-touch mouse soon then it could be a cheap alternative to costly touch displays for use with Windows 7. Apple currently offers a mult-touch dubbed the "Magic Mouse" which retails for $70.