Meizu has 3 large screen phones up their sleeve

Meizu has 3 large screen phones up their sleeve

Chinese cell phone manufacturer, Meizu, is hard at work and have announced that they've got three new cell phones lined up, and each of them has a big screen.
The phones are MX4G devices, and not much is known about the handsets, except that they will all offer 4G connectivity.


We also know the general sizes of the screens of these devices. The "mini" version of the bunch will pack a whopping 5" display; hardly a "mini".

Jack Wong of Meizu has also hinted that at least one of the phones in the upcoming MX4G series will sport a 5.5" 2560 x 1536 display.

If the MX4G line is released anytime before the fourth quarter, it would break Meizu's tradition of outing their flagships closer to the end of the year. So it would be safe to assume that these handsets won't be coming out for a while.