Flip Phone Smart Concept by Kristian Ulrich Larsen

This concept of “Triple Display Flip Phone” is designed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen, running stock of triple- display handset that pops out like a tent and even folds out like a book. Just like a Dream come true, Isn’t it?
The Flip phone is based on the fact that phones are becoming more powerful and are barely ever used only for calling someone these days.

While Tablets has bridged the gap between phone and computer, Flip would jump the gap altogether.
Each screen is said to be Super AMOLED hiding behind Gorilla Glass,with steel mesh acting as hinges-and there is a full QWERTY keyboard somewhere in there too, Is it A Magic! No.
Offering the screen real estate that tablets offer, whilst still fitting in your pocket like a normal phone.

Flip Phone Description:
A phone that differentiates it self from the norm of a smart phone and incorporates the physical product into the interaction with what’s on the screen, creating a unified experience.
After the introduction of the smart phone, The the industrial design of the devises has converged into all looking more or less the same.
Due to the touch-based interaction every smart phone device is now a flat rectangle with a screen on it, making it difficult for both the user and the manufactures to differentiate the devices from each other.
The unique form and unique way of interacting with it, is supposed to set it apart from other phones, but more importantly it’s supposed to add value for the user, making the experience of using a smartphone even more exiting and engaging.
The phone has 3 screens that can be transformed in different ways depending on what the user wants to do with it. Having 3 screens on a phone opens up a number of possibilities in dealing with the content on the device.
Because people no longer only use their phone as a communication device.
It’s more and more used for the things, we usually use our laptops for, but with the limited screen real estate on phones, there are still boundaries for what you can do.
But with the ability to expand your content onto multiple screens or having multiple apps running on separate screens, it’s possible for the user to do a lot more productive, and creative things.