Life is beautiful


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Life is not a bed of roses
Neither full of thorns
It's beautiful
It's wonderful
Needed to be careful

Life is aim

Aiming for fame
Hard working in pain
Sometimes in vain
But no pain no gain

Life is hope

Loosing hope
They're looser
Wiser ones hope
They're winner

Life is battleship

Having kingship
In times of wars
Citizen's patriotism
Protects country ship

Life is relationship

Here we make friendship
Some are friendly
And are trustworthy
Out of many, they're few

Life is a challenge

Its full of ups and downs
One being brave
One being wise
Wins the challenge

Life is Love

Love for one's parents
Love for one's childrens
Love among lovers
And to live life, its love

Life is a gift of God

It's only life to live
Let love rule our life
To make life wonderful
As life is beautiful