**It Feels Nice When Someone Misses You**

It feels nice when someone misses u
feels good when someone loves u.
feels better when someone’s with u.
But it feels the best when
someone never 4gets you...

Being yours is my basic necessity,
Missing you is my habit.
But forgetting you is like taking
my life out of me…

I was living an aimless life before..
But as you entered in my life
My life got a meaning
A reason to live..
U make me realize that
You cannot fall in love
You can just rise in love…

Take my eyes but let me see you.
Take my mind but let me think about you.
But if you want to take my heart..
Its already with you…

When you love someone,
its like reaching for a star..
You know you cant reach
it, but u keep trying
Coz may be one day that star
just might fall for you…

Your smile is a beautiful as dew
Nothing’s beautiful than it
Your love is as warm as fireplace

Nothing warmer than that
I just want to say I love you..
Till my life apart..

Your the reason of my breath
Your my creation my world..
Life can never be complete without
your love.