Lamborghini gallardo Superleggera




The "Superleggera" of the Lamborghini Gallardo put his new, This special series weighs just 100 kg less than a classic and to do so, the V10 to 5.0L develops 530 hp at 8 000 rpm, or more than 10hp in its latest developments.

Is the latest evolution of the V10 Lamborghini (4,961 cc), which now develops 530 hp and 510 Nm of torque 4250tr/mn. The gain power (10 hp) was made possible through electronic management optimized and improved the volumetric efficiency.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera review by Edo Competition gets performance almost similar to those of the Gallardo with 320km / h in peak 3.7s to devastate the 0 to 100km / h and 11.7s to cross the 0 to 200km.