Hamann Lamborghini Gallardo - 2006


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(From Press Release)
Lamborghini - the brand is synonymous with sporty automobile pleasure for the street. And when you see the new Gallardo, you also know why. 500 hp is at work inside this attractive and, most importantly, airflow-optimized body. HAMANN MOTORSPORT is now offering a styling and tuning packet especially for the Gallardo that brings its motorsport character clearly into focus, and that gives this noble »bull« even more performance.

Already the first impression the HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo makes indicates that this is hardly
a standard model. The HAMANN specialists constructed a comprehensive aerodynamics program
for this racy sports car. The front is dominated by an innovatively designed front spoiler. The HAMANN
engineers indeed oriented themselves in the develop on Italian design, but they also included the
typically powerful and sporty stylistic elements of the tradition-rich company. The impressive appearance is also reinforced by the frontal airscoops, thebroad side skirts and the air intake screens located on the sides. No question about it - the HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo is a genuine racing car for the street. More than anything else, the rear portion makes this clear. A mighty, three-piece rear wing à la motorsport doesn’t just assure the appropriate optics, but also increased application force on the rear axle at higher speeds. Almost the same applies for the wide HAMANN rear diffuser. It makes the rear appearance of the Gallardo unmistakable, and the car virtually sucks itself onto the asphalt.

Thanks to the comprehensive aerodynamic components, the HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo makes
a clearly sportier and more exclusive impression. And it wouldn’t be a real HAMANN if the performance was not optimized as well. By using sport steel catalytic converters and two double-pipe sport mufflers with 76 millimeter diameter in a V2A stainless steel design, the performance of the HAMANN Lamborghini was increased by a total of 28 hp up to 528 hp. At the same time, the maximum torque was increased by 50 Nm to a total of 560 Nm as a result of this modification. This data speaks clearly and confirms the external appearance.

The sporty-sophisticated concept of the HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo is rounded off by the multi-part light metal ANNIVERSARY II wheel rims. These exclusive wheels, in a multispoke design, convey a sense of pure motorsport feeling. The silver wheel rim, with its highly polished INOX steel lip, makes a simultaneously refined and luxurious impression. The front axle bears wheels sized 9 x 19 inches with 235/35 Z R19 tires. In the rear, the ANNIVERSARY II in the size 12 x 19 inches with 295/30 Z R19 tires was selected.