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As soon as we hear Jugni, we potray a beautiful , young women wandering and travelling from city to city. Can't remember but read it somewhere that Jugni was a devotee of Ali Sahib and originated in Pakistan. The wandering female concept is more popular today amongst our singers.

As per the article written by Karamjit Singh Aujla and published in Punjabi Tribune 24th September , 2005, Jugni is not a women. It seems to have been introduced in the first decade of the 19th century by two flok singers Manda & Bishna. Manda ( reak name Mohammed) belonged to village Hasanpur in Amritsar and Bishna belonged to Majha as well.

Acoording to the article Jugni was introduced during the British in India. We all know that British Empire was spread over several parts of the Earth. And to celebrate the 50th aniversary of Queen Victoria on the throne a torche was taken to whole of the British Empire.The flame in gold utensil was taken to the headquaters of every district and under the supervision of DC the celebrations and festivities were carried on which were attended by the high profile officials and high society people. Manda and Bisna held their stage in these celebrations and sang self composed stanzas. Actually the word ," Jubilee" pronounced as JUGNI by these two illetrate folk singers. It was the year 1906 when Jubilee flame was takan everywhere.

We all notice that every Jugni verse has a place name, one of the old Jugni verse is:

Jugni jaa varhi majithe
koi rann na chakki peethe
putt gabhru mulak vich maare
rovan akhiyan par bulh si seete
piir mereya oye Jugni ayi aa
ehnan kehrhi jyot jagaee aa

Jugni bacame popular with people coz it was simple amd easy.Now this style is traditional and there is a place name in Jugni.

Getting back to Bishna and Manda..there popularity rose as they followed the Jubilee "Jugni" from place to place. Anger against the British was rising amongst the masses and Jugni became"patriotic and revolutionary" in nature. Crowds would gather to listen Manda and Bishna.

When Jugni arrived in Gujjranwala, situation beacme insipid and police arrested Bishna and Manda and tortured them and later buried them at some unknown place. Thats a sorrowful end of Bishna and Manda.

But Jugni is still close to our hearts.....and part of our rich folk.....


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thnx bhene.......ur effort is really appreciated......buh menu story chahidi aa.... a folk tale.....aa taan jugni baare oda hi information hai.......ik te main heer ranjha likh deni aa.......do hor chahidiyaan n dey gotto b famous punjabi folktales


Done Deal !
pareya ta haiga bhuaa pehla par jugni jugni hi aa...............

jugni ja vari kalkatte,
master baari ohle takke,
munde lai kitaaba nasse ,
oye veer mereya o jugni....
veer mereya o jugni hasdi aa
o sab de dil vich vasdi aa........


ho ho hooooooooooooooo aaa

pehle naam ali da layiye
fer oos nabi nun kahihey
sada oss dee raja wich rahihye
oh veer meriya ve jugnee
allah bismillah teri jugnee
sayeen boran waliya teri jugnee
bha taria teri jugnee oooo ohh ohoooo