John Abraham’s football passion spills over


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Plans to produce a film

Ever since the FIFA World Cup began, actor John Abraham has pushed many things to the backburner and has been ardently following the matches that are being played in different cities of South Africa.

In fact with the ongoing tournament John’s passion for football has not just peaked but also spilled over. Sources say that in his talks with his friends John has lately been ruing the absence of a good football movie in Bollywood. There is so much emotion attached to the sport, yet no one in Bollywood has been able to bring it out on the screen.

Though the actor himself starred in the box office turkey Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal, a movie about a ragtag team of Asian footballers in London, a few years back, he is now toying with the idea of producing a film on the game.

Unlike other actors in B-Town, John is yet to venture into film production and we won’t be surprised if his first film as producer turns out to be on soccer.

Bring it on, John.