Abbas Tyrewala to live in with John Abraham


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A special dostana with John

Such bonhomie between a director and an actor is indeed rare. There have been instances of directors choosing to work with select actors, travel around and even tag along with them to the parties, but no director ever came to the point of packing his bags and moving into the actor’s apartment.

Well, that’s happening now. Abbas Tyrewala, who’s directing John Abraham and his wife Pakhi Tyrewala, in his next film 1-800-Love, is set to move into John’s new apartment at Band Stand.

The duo will live together till the time the rumours of a rift between them die out.

Yes, all the talk about Abbas giving more screen-time to his wife than to John in the film has been affecting the director a lot. To prove the gossipmongers wrong, Abbas is now moving into John’s newly done apartment.

John has confirmed that Tyrewala is indeed shifting into his house. The actor is quite cool about it and says he would be happy to have a friend around the house.

Let’s see how long this Dostana lasts.