John Abraham Is A Liar?


Prime VIP

The mystery behind the hoardings

Well, it seems that the John Abraham mania is here to stay and how!

The latest to hit the town are the hoards of hoardings that scream "John Abraham Is A Liar". Ever since then, we have been getting incessant calls and mails requesting us to 'investigate' into this matter. We wasted no time in doing so and solved the mystery.

Turns out that all of the hoardings are a part of the mega teaser campaign that promotes John's upcoming film Jhootha Hi Sahi, which is directed by Abbas Tyrewala. Readers may recollect that the film was earlier titled 1-800-Love.

Jhootha Hi Sahi also stars Pakhi, Abbas' wife, who is all set to play John's onscreen love in this film.

The movie is expected to release on October 15th.​