<<<<<<<Interstin game>>>>>>>>>


Punjaban Jatti
lets start a different game

1. consider a word from previous post
2. add or remove or replace an alphabet or make anagram of the word
3. we post the new word

i guess an example will give more clear idea about what i am talking and trying to explain.

consider a word "spot" from previous post.
addition - poets (adding e)
subtraction - top (removing s)
anagram - tops (re-arranging alphabets)
replacing - poet (replacing s with e)

lets see how far we can go with this one...

i start with a simple word .. cool



okay i'm tired..i can make a program and let it randomly generates these words for you guys..enjoy


lol..nehi yaar..my patience is very short lived when it comes to typing.. other than that i'm aite :mean
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