Double LETTER vocabulary game !!!


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Double LETTER vocabulary game !!!
Double LETTER vocabulary game
Hi all,here is word game for you.

You can post only those words which contains any letter repeated.
In other words, post words with double letters.
You have to start the word with the letter which is
repeated in the previous word.


Gossip >> Summer >> Matter

In Gossip letter S comes two times..

Hence we will start the next word with letter 'S'-------Summer

In Summer .....'M' comes 2 the next word we start is from....'M'

In Matter ....letter ..'T' is double so next person will start the word with letter 'T' .....and it should contain again a double letter.



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Question does double letter have to be consecutive as well? I mean 'mono' has 2 os but not next to each other . will it do?