The Ominous

Come get Some......
In this game you will be given a category list with ten items on it. You will then be given a key letter. You must then fill in all the category blanks with words beginning in this key letter. You will score one point for each answer you come up with that another player has not duplicated. So originality is the key. Be creative!

Example: If a category is 'a colour' and the key letter is P, an answer of polar bear white would be less apt to be duplicated than would pink.
Take note, though: If you use the key letter twice in the same category item, such as pale puce for 'a colour', you would score two points. (Providing no one duplicates your answer.)

Only main words will be counted in the answer: For example it the category is 'Movies' and the key letter is C, [The] Crucible would be acceptable. The word 'the' is never counted.

So without further ado here are the categories for "Cattergories", Round 1. The key letter is S. Have fun!

1. A boy's name
2. Cities
3. Insects
4. Breakfast Foods
5. TV Shows
6. Occupations
7. Trees
8. Personality Traits
9. Cartoon Characters
10. Crimes

Remember all answers must begin with the letter S.

The Ominous

Come get Some......
1. A boy's name: Saif sufi sulfan shajahan khan

Correct Answer with 2 S = 2 Points

2. Cities: San Francisco
Correct Answer 1 S = 1 Point

3. Insects: Spider bite Spiderman that ended up having spidey-senses.
Just 2 Points for Spider and Spiderman 2 S = 2 Points

4. Breakfast Foods: sunny side up eggs are soo good.
Wrong Answer- 0 Points

5. TV Shows: Smallville - is show is a show i've never actually seen. rofl
Correct Answer- 4 S = 4 Points

6. Occupations: Secretary
Correct Answer - 1 S = 1 Point

7. Trees: sparwood that tree? rofl jatti u live on a tree
Wrong Answer- 0 S = 0 Points

8. Personality Traits: shy, star, sad, suspicious, secretive, smiley, sensitive, superb, soft-hearted, spectacular
Correct Answers- 10 S = 10 Points

9. Cartoon Characters: spiderman, scoobydoo, spongebob
Correct Answers- 3 S = 3 Points

10. Crimes: sexual-harrasment, spying, stalking
Correct Answers- 3 S = 3 Points

Total Points 26 Points