Industries Polluting Drinking Water


MaaPeya Da LaaDLa
Industries in Ludhiana are proving a bane for residents of lower Punjab. Residents in Faridkot, Muktsar and Abohar areas are claim that large number of industrial units in Ludhiana are responsible for poisoning the water they are using.
Though the quality and supply of drinking water in the region was always problematic, in the last two weeks the problem aggravated after some canals were closed. It is alleged that these industrial units discharge waste, effluents, including lethal heavy metals like lead, nickel, cadmium and chromium into the Budda Nullah.
The domestic sewerage of Ludhiana also makes its way into Budda Nullah, which is a tributary of Sutlej river, and Sirhind feeder gets its supply of water from Sutlej. Sources earlier revealed that the pollutant discharge of Budda Nullah was shared by many canals including the Ferozepur Feeder, Rajasthan Feeder, Gang Canal and Sirhind Feeder at Hari Ke Head, but as all these canals (expect Sirhind Feeder) are closed for some maintenance work, the polluted water is flowing into the Sirhind Feeder alone.
Besides these canals there is no other source of drinking water in this area as the groundwater here is not fit for human consumption due to high fluoride content. Vinod Chaudhary, superintending engineer (SE), Sirhind Feeder, assured an early solution, but residents claim such assurances have been a routine thing.