Huge vacancy of faculty in IITs, IIMs


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The IITs and IIMs are facing huge vacancy of faculty despite having attractive pay structure, good accommodation and other perks, Lok Sabha was told on Wednesday.

IIT Kharagpur is facing maximum vacancy of 299 faculty, followed by 222 in IIT Bombay, 194 in IIT Roorkee, 138 in IIT Madras, 78 in IIT Delhi, 69 in IIT Kanpur and 65 in IIT Guwahati, Minister of State for HRD, D Purandeswari, said in a written reply.

In fact, the number of vacancy increased from 877 in the seven old IITs in 2008-09 to 1,065 in 2009-10, she said. The vacancy in these institutions in 2007-08 was 971.

The government has started eight more IITs in the last two years and in these centres' the number of vacant posts stood at 280, Purandeswari said.

Similarly, there are 95 vacant posts in the seven IIMs. IIM-Bangalore has maximum vacancy of 35 posts followed by 29 in IIM-Ahmedabad.

"Recruitment of faculty is a continuous process and all out efforts are made by the institutes to fill up vacant posts. Institutions have been employing suitable strategies to attract and retain quality faculty which include attractive pay structure, provisions of good residential accommodation, medical facilities, initial research grants etc," she said.


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thode jaye hor iit khol lavo ... te salaries addi kar deo ... te reservation hor vada do ..

Indian Education System is f*&#ed up badly ..


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^^ i was being sarcastic .. i know .. they opened so many iit they do not have faculty as well as buildings ..
plus they are not ready to pay the faculty. Why the hell one graduated from IIT, will teach in IIT, when he can have lucrative salaries out in market.


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^^ some are not there 'only' for salary.. ;)

yes, there were other reasons too. You heard that IIT profs went on hunger strike i guess 8-9 months back, they had demands, including increase in salary, also against exam conduct method, quality of faculty and reservation things. And govt was as usual on denial mode.
Din't know what happened after that though ..

they wane hell lottof experienced guys

hun India ch reh kithe gye sare tan bhar pajj jande

:yes :yes .. lack of resources and lack of competitive salaries are big reasons for brain drain


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salary isnt the only reason yes i oppose Reservations tho..jianu milni chahidi o bchare reh jande sari malayi saale politician kha jande

but it does effect the Standards of IIT's degree isnt enough after all


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^^ rite .. jina nu sachi wich reservation di lod aa.. they even don't know abt that ...

creamy layer sab gand payi jandi..

general waleyan de bikul beda garg kita hoya... :n :n


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^^ dunno abt 50% .. but yeah reservation is everywhere..

yaar ik institute aa ISRO waleyan da ...
IIST , tiruvanathtapurm

sirf 157 seats hain..

us wichon v 61 reserved ... :n :n

iss war paper hoya and cutoff was 210 for general and only 160 for reserved category..

eh kehdi gall bani.. :n :n


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^^ yea, reservation based on caste is the worst thing done by government. All coz of vote bank.
MBBS lai vi reservation laa rakhi ae .. te jadon ilaj da time aunda, politician kehnde ne ki ilaaj SC/ST nai karega, koi general category aala doc hi karuga.

Just read this on wiki ..
"Around 50% of the seats are from the General category, that is that they are filled through open competition. Around 230,000 students compete for less than 1200 general seats (As per 2009 figures) in the IIMs. There is a 22.5% reservation for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes students and 3% reservation for the PWD (Person With Disability) students. It was announced by the govt that reservations will be increased in a phased manner to 50.5% in IIMs with rest of the reserved seats going to OBC (other backward classes) candidates. IIMs would implement the OBC reservations in a phased manner during three years."


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I was talking about this ..

Professors of all seven IITs in the country would observe a hunger-strike on September 24 to protest against alleged discrimination in pay-scales.

This was decided at a meeting of the professors held at IIT, Kharagpur, here on Monday, a spokesman of the Faculty Council of the IITs said. Although professors would go on hunger-strike, classes on that day would be held as usual. The spokesman said the pay-scales had been made in a manner which would destroy the excellent status of the institutes and not attract the best of talent in future.

source :
IIT professors to go hunger-strike


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This too ..

With alumni like Nandan Nilekani, Narayan Murthy, Arun Sarin and Vikram Pandit, IIT is often described as India's brain bank. Now the institute that shaped these famous minds is in trouble.

Across India, in every city where there is an IIT, professors, 1500 in all, went on a hunger strike. They say they deserve more money and more respect. "This is our way of protesting. We will go hungry to classes, we will go hungry to our meetings," says Bharat Shah, a professor on strike at IIT Mumbai.

IIT faculty points out that their salaries are lower than their counterparts at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

A new rule introduced by the government restricts promotions every year to 40 per cent of faculty, based on performance.

IIT professors want that decision reversed, they also want Rs 15,000 per month when they take time off for research.

Kapil Sibal, the Minister for Human Resource Development, counters that IITs are funded completely by the government, and so the professors' demands are out of line. He also objects to their method: "Have you seen anywhere future Nobel laureates going on a hunger strike?"

Most IIT graduates start their careers with salaries that many of their professors will never earn. The average starting salary of an IIT graduate is 7 lakhs a year. An associate professor at IIT makes 5 lakhs a year.

Brand IIT hit: 1500 teachers on hunger strike

don't know what happened after that ... :-/