How you really mean to me <3


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My Sister , My Friend
You're so much more than just my sister ,
you are my good friend too.
There is a place in my heart
Especially for you .
In my thoughts are many memories
Of the loving things you've done.
I want you to know than Iam
Gratefil of each one.
My Friends call by name,
But there's one name T'd surely miss,
Because you are my only friend
Who can call Me ''SiS n Mottu seth ''
Although things will change around us
Our Friendship will hold true.
That's Why I'm Blessed to have
A Sister As wonferful as you

Dedicated to : Ma all shishooo Sippu dii , Gaivan (nakhro),lily shishoo ,Jyotii shisoo, tejoo dii, Ranoo dii , Princuu , Nehu , Sweet_girl n all:kiss
:wub soooo much