How to Download Pokemon Go for iOS

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It is quite easy to download and install Pokemon Go on Android, but plenty of readers have written to us asking for a way to download the game on their iPhone. If Pokemon Go is available in your region, all you need to do is head to the App Store and download the app. The catch is that it's only been officially released in a handful of regions.

If it is not available in you region, you can still install the game, but the process is slightly longer. You'll need to create a new Apple ID for a region where Pokemon Go is officially available, such as United States. Follow these steps and you should be able to download and install Pokemon Go on your iPhone no matter where you live.

How To Create A US Account On iTunes

a) Create a new Apple ID at this page. Note that you need to use an email address that isn't already associated with any Apple ID.

b) Choose United States from the drop-down menu while creating your Apple ID.

c) Go back to your iPhone and open the App Store. Tap the Featured button with the star icon on the bottom panel.

d) Scroll to the bottom and tap your Apple ID.

e) Tap Sign Out if you are already signed in.

f) Next, tap the Sign In button.

g) Key in your new Apple ID and password.

h) You'll see a pop-up that reads "This Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes Store". Tap Review.

i) Tap United States under COUNTRY OR REGION. Tap Next.

j) Read the terms and conditions and Apple's privacy policy and tap Agree.

k) Tap Agree again in the pop-up.


m) Scroll down and key in a valid US address. You can search Google Maps for any US city and pick out an address.

n) Key in a phone number. Then tap Next.

o) Tap Done on the top-right.

1. Now that you have a US account, just tap the Search button on the bottom panel.

2. Search for Pokemon Go or tap here.

3. Tap Get to download and install Pokemon Go on your iPhone.

Once you've installed the app, repeat steps 3 to 7 above to switch back to your primary Apple ID. The game will still work even after you switch the ID, although you will have to return to your US iTunes account to update the app.