Apple iPhone iOS 4.0 released


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Apple has released their next big firmware update for the iPhone and iPod touch, excluding first generations, with loads of new features, including multitasking.

Although the UI hasn’t changed too much since the release of the first firmware, Apple has made huge improvements to the functionality and support for the mobile operating system, including copy and paste in 3.0 and now multitasking in 4.0. Apple even gave the new operating a new name, dubbed iOS 4.0, for support for iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad.

New Features

The iOS 4.0 will support multitasking, allowing for multiple applications to be run at the same time. The long awaited feature will be native to the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 but will not be supported on the iPhone 3G. Users will be able to run applications in the background while using another app, receiving updates and notifications without having the application displayed.

Multitasking will also support fast switching, allowing users to see a list of applications already running in the background, and select which ones to launch. Users will be able to play music in the background while surfing the Internet.

iOS 4.0 will also support wallpaper images, something only previously available to jailbroken phones. Users will be able to use the same lock screen wallpaper behind their icons, but will only be supported on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and not the iPhone 3G.

The next version of the operating system will also support folders, allowing you to sort your applications into folders, removing the clutter on your home screen. The iPhone will also have a native games folder, displaying all your games with a touch of the folder.

The is getting a big update, unified mailboxes. The new unified email inbox will allow you to add your gmail, hotmail, exchange and any other accounts into a threaded inbox. The unified mailboxs will also support multiple exchange accounts and fast inbox switching.

Camera and Video

Only available for the iPhone 4, iMovie allows you to capture and output 720p at 30fps. The software allows you to splice, merge, transition, titles, themes and add photos for given effect. Geolocation is also included, to remember where and when you filmed your video.

iMovie will sell for $4.99 in the AppStore.


Apple has also included Bing as one of the default search engines for Safari. You can now choose between Google, Yahoo or Bing.


Apple is expanding its iBooks market, adding a PDF reader (sorry, no Adobe!), allowing you to browse the iBookStore right from your iPhone. The online book store is accessible wireless through your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, allowing you to purchase and download a book. If you have previously purchased it on another device, you can redownload it free of charge.


Apple has introduced iAd for developers, allowing them to replace AdMob, currently acquired by Google, inside of their applications. Apple developed a solution for all developers to include advertisements inside their applications. iAds will launch on July 1st for all iOS 4 devices.


To download iOS 4.0, install iTunes 9.2 and connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your PC or Mac and click Update. The build is identical to the iOS 4 GM seed build released to developers earlier this month.