How Salman Khan cajoled Sonakshi Sinha?


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A reluctant debutante

Had it not been for Salman Khan, newcomer Sonakshi Sinha would not have entered films. In fact, she might be a plump girl who would have been known only by the credentials of her father Shatrughan Sinha.

But today, Sonkashi is set to make her own place in the film industry, thanks to Salman Khan who cajoled her, persuaded her and even goaded her to join films. Sonakshi, on her part, wasn’t interested in Bollywood.

“She was not interested in movies. Even now she is not much interested. It took lot of convincing before she agreed to do the role,” Salman told a news agency.

Now, Sonakshi gets to make her Bollywood debut opposite Salman in his brother Arbaaz Khan’s production Dabangg. In the movie she plays a village belle.

Salman first spotted Sonakshi seven years ago. Back then she was a plump girl. But the flamboyant Khan predicted that she would be an actress someday.

“That time she was very plump. But from her expressions, we figured that she could emote very well. She could dance very well. We knew she has all the qualities. When she lost weight, she just fit into place,” Salman said.

Incidentally, Salman himself was instrumental in inspiring Sonakshi to lose weight. Even during the shoot of Dabangg he would make her walk from hotel to shooting location and back.