Hoax call to PAK-Zardari from India.

deepak pace


Hoax call to Zardari puts Pakistan on high alert.

Pakistani officials said the caller ID was a Delhi number, but Indian officials have said the number could have been manipulated.

Nuclear-armed Pakistan put its forces on high alert after a hoax caller pretending to be India's foreign minister spoke to President Asif Ali

Zardari in a threatening manner on November 28, two days after the attacks on Mumbai began, Dawn newspaper reported on Saturday.

"It's true," a diplomat with knowledge of the exchanges told Reuters when asked whether the newspaper report was correct.

Throughout the next 24 hours Pakistan's air force was put on 'highest alert' as the military watched anxiously for any sign of Indian aggression

There is an ongoing investigation by both sides to determine who made the call, and it remains unclear whether it was made from India or Pakistan, the newspaper said