Healthy Meals On A Budget


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Health! Does it even mean anything to you at all? Well, if you are the kind of person who can put a chimney to shame with your smoking, eat tons of food and drink like it’s your last day on earth, health sure doesn’t mean a thing to you. ‘Health is wealth’, or so say the wise amongst your lot. However, you may not be willing to see the truth in this fact anytime soon. Why does it have to be this way and how long do you plan on throwing your life away? Don’t you think the time for you to make the journey from the plains of poor health to the peaks of good health has arrived? Well, it sure has, for there really is no better time than the ‘now’, and no better place than the ‘here’. Go right ahead and read on to build blocks of familiarity with a few tips on eating healthy on a budget. This way you get the best of both worlds. Here, not only are you eating right, but you are also spending less!

Eating Healthy On A Budget

  • When you are looking to eat healthy and on a budget, there is a certain something that you have to do. In fact, there is a certain something that you shouldn’t be doing? What is this certain something that you shouldn’t be doing? Simple, when looking to eat healthy on a budget, you will have no choice but to cut out on your splurging and bingeing on processed foods. Not only are processed foods bad for you, they also are expensive and very capable of leaving a crater sized hole in your pocket. So, why would you want to spend and eat something that is really bad for you and more than just expensive?
  • Eating healthy is all about eating more of natural food and less of processed foods. As far as ‘natural’ goes, it hardly gets better than fruits and vegetables and every wise man’s son doth know that fruits and vegetables don’t come costly. So, if you are really keen on eating healthy and on a budget, your fruits and vegetables are what you should be eating a lot of. As far as fruits go you can zero in on apples, oranges, bananas, custard apples, watermelons, butter fruit, etc. As far as vegetables go, green leafy vegetables, beans, carrots and potatoes are your safest options.
  • When you sit down to make yourself your grocery list, as far as possible, try to eliminate items that are expensive and that you don’t really need to eat. For example, if mayonnaise is one item that almost always finds its place on your grocery list, make it a point to cut it out of your grocery list. This is because mayonnaise does not come cheap and is not really anyone’s version of healthy food. When you make your grocery list, if you actually do implement this strategy, getting to eat healthy food on a budget will really not seem like too much of an ordeal!
  • If you have always been known to be a carnivore and can’t really live without your meat, eating healthy on a budget should be a problem for you. To get the better of this predicament, you will have to make that conscious decision to eat less of meat, poultry and sea food. However, this does not mean you completely stay away from a carnivore’s diet. It only means that you will have to cut down on the number of times a week you binge on meat. From eating meat seven days a week, you can cut down to doing so for two or three days a week. This will also work much cheaper for you and ensure that your pockets stay a lot deeper than they were before.
  • When you deep fry food or eat a lot of fried food, you are committing two grave mistakes. Firstly, you are eating a lot of unhealthy food and secondly you are spending a lot on oil when you don’t really need to spend as much as you do on the same. To cut out on eating too much of oily food and spending quite a lot on the same, make it a point to exercise your self control by eating less of oily food. This only works to your advantage because you are eating less of oily food which helps you get a lot healthier while also spending insignificant amounts on oil.