Google TV shown off in official video


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Techcrunch is reporting that Google's finally released a video explaining exactly how Google TV actually works, and the capabilities it has to offer. Google TV was first shown off a few months ago at Google I/O, although the demo was largely hampered by connectivity issues.

The video released today explains the true value of Google TV and it's actual purpose, which is simple: it's all about having the full internet (Yes, including Flash 10.1) as well as Android apps in your living room, alongside whatever setup you already have in the lounge. Techcrunch also points out, that Google ultimately wants to dip into the lucrative $70 Billion TV ad industry too, although it's unmentioned in the video.

Google TV runs the Android Operating System, and the features that are currently known, according to ZDNet are:

* Search: It’s built into the TV experience. Search for “Survivor” and get a list of results that include live TV (select to watch now), episodes airing later (select to record to DVR) and web content related to it.
* Integration with Android phones: Over WiFi, an Android phone can become a remote and you can even go so far as to use voice search, too.
* Partners: Sony, Intel, Dish Network, Logitech, Adobe and Best Buy.

Google TV is due for somewhere around a Q3-Q4 launch in 2010.

Check out the video below:

[ame=]YouTube - What is Google TV?