Five-year-old girl identifies her tormentor in court

Jaswinder Singh Baidwan

Akhran da mureed
Staff member
Giving a heart-rending testimony in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Anshu Shukla, a five-year-old girl today identified the school bus conductor as her tormentor, who used to molest her finding her alone in the bus. The girl, whose statements were recorded today by the Judge according to the guidelines of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act in-camera, was successfully able to explain how the conductor used to molest her by touching her at the “wrong” places.
The child was made comfortable in the court and care was taken to ensure that she did not feel scared. “The uncle standing there used to touch me in the bus,” narrated the child to the Judge. The girl occasionally cried for her mother, who was also allowed to be present in the court to console her daughter.
Public prosecutor Manu Kakkar got the victim examined in court.
In May this year, the UT police had arrested 23-year-old Jagjit, a conductor with a school bus, for molesting the five-year-old girl studying in KG at Stepping Stones School in Sector 38. The police had booked the conductor in a case of molestation (Sections 354 and 354-A of the IPC) and various sections of the POCSO Act.
According to the complaint, the victim’s father alleged that his daughter returned home on May 7 and was visibly scared and refused to say anything. Upon being asked by her mother, she started crying and disclosed that the conductor in her school bus touched her private parts and molested her on finding her alone in the bus as she was the last one to be dropped.