Five weddings and an arrest


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Chandigarh February 20:
A 40-year-old city woman, who had recently undergone heart bypass surgery, was happy with the thought that she had at last got her life partner after a 50-year-old suspended law professor Om Prakash Sharma from Ajmer University came to her with a marriage proposal.

But the joy was short lived as the professor turned out to be a cheat who had earlier broken hearts of five women after marrying them. They had got married after Kamla (name changed) responded to Sharma’s matrimonial advertisement in a newspaper.

On Wednesday, when she insisted that they get their marriage registered, Sharma went missing. Worried about his safety, Kamla called on his mobile phone. A woman picked up and introduced herself as Sharma’s wife. She told Kamla that her residence was in Sector 46. She added that she was physically challenged and worked with the Indian Air Force.

Crestfallen, Kamla’s family brought the matter to police’s notice. Sharma was arrested. During interrogation, he told cops about his suspension 20 years ago. Sources in the police said that Sharma had admitted to paying Rs 200 each to the members of his marriage procession and that “gold” jewellery given to Kamla as a wedding gift was artificial. Tears rolling down her cheeks, the victim's mother said Sharma had said he was a widower when they met him first in November.

Kamla said she had also come to know about a woman, Monika, from Delhi, with whom Sharma had two children. Monika runs a private school there and has filed a civil suit against the professor in a local court, she said. Police arrested Sharma under preventive sections 107 and 151 of Criminal Procedure Code. The accused was sent to judicial custody.