Bangladeshi maid does a Lorena Bobbitt


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Dubai, April 13 (IANS) A 35-year-old Bangladeshi maid working in Dubai cut off her 70-year-old employer's genitals after she was sexually harassed by him, police said.

Police said the woman was charged with assault, and the man would also be charged with sexual harassment, according to the National newspaper.
The woman was arrested at her employer's apartment after police received a call for help from the man.
The maid told police she was sick of being sexually harassed by her employer. He had asked for a massage and had begun harassing her. She said she became angry and took a knife and attacked him. :saw
Major General Khalil al Mansouri, head of the Criminal Investigation Department, said the man suffered serious injuries and had to undergo surgery.

'The man will be charged with an attempt to commit an indecent act,' al Mansouri said.

A police officer said the fact that the woman did not attempt to escape gave an indication of the credibility of her claims.
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