Fight jets escort Vancouver-bound flight after bomb scare


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Toronto, May 16: Two Canadian fighter jets escorted a Cathay Pacific airliner with 300 people on board to a safe landing at Vancouver International Airport following a bomb threat, but no explosive was found.

The Vancouver-bound flight, which originated from Hong Kong, landed safely at 1340 local time and was towed to a secure part of the airport, police said.

A ‘bomb threat’ on board the plane had been called into Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 10:43 am (local time), a police spokeswoman said.

Two Canadian F-18 Hornet fighter jets intercepted the Airbus 8340 with 283 passengers and 14 crew members aboard and flew alongside it until it landed around 1:40 pm (local time).

Spokeswoman of the North American Aerospace Defence Command Holly Apostoliuk said the order came following an information about a potential threat.