Recipe Diwali Recipe - Gulkand Filled Gulabjamun


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180 gms saada khoya (unsweetened milk fudge)
40 gms chenna (fresh soft cottage cheese)
40 gms maida (refined flour)
15 gms sooji
400 gms sugar
5 gms pistachio nut
0.2 gms saffron
500 gms desi ghee
40 gms gulkand (sugar cooked rose petals)


1. Rub together Khoya, Chenna, maida, saffron and sooji till its very well mixed and soft dough is formed.
2. Make one-string syrup with sugar, keep warm.
3. Make small balls of khoya dough, make a depression in centre and stuff little Gulkand and cover again, roll to make even shaped without crack balls, keep covered with moist cloth till all are finished.
4. Melt ghee in a kadai, and when it’s on medium heat, low the flame and start frying khoya balls at low heat till its start floating and color turns deep golden, keep stirring gently for gulabjamuns to cook evenly.
5. Remove from oil, allow oil to drain and immediately dip in sugar syrup, use a large spatula to dip the gulab jamun in syrup, allow to rest for 10 minutes, remove and keep aside.
6. Garnish with sliced pista, Gold Varq (if you prefer) and serve warm.