Delhi woman gets 22 paise cheque from telephone company

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Who would have thought that a cheque could make you famous?
Meet Roopali Pasricha Bhasin, a resident of Kirti Nagar who is now a celebrity, thanks to the cheque of 22 paise that she received from her telephone company.
“I was surprised after I opened the envelope. It contained a cheque of 22 paise from the mobile network company (Vodafone), which had to pay me the security amount after I discontinued availing their service. I laughed aloud, and thought that the company must have paid much more money as postage charge than the amount mentioned on the cheque,” says Bhasin, a 26-year-old public relations professional in Delhi.

Why did she receive a cheque of such a low amount? “I discontinued one of my mobile numbers but got late in clearing my dues. Thus, the company deducted the dues from the security deposit of Rs 250, which I had deposited when I had subscribed to their network. After clearing the dues, the balance turned out to be just 22 paise.”
She received the cheque in her office and within no time, her colleagues clicked and uploaded pictures of it on social media and shared it on chat applications such as WhatsApp. “As soon as I told my friends about it, they also wanted to see its pictures, so I sent it to them. They then posted the same on Facebook and Twitter, commenting that at the time of demonetisation, no one is left with any money, not even mobile network giants,” laughed Bhasin.
People from the adjacent offices also lined up to see the cheque. “They were amazed and insisted that I get the cheque framed, to make it a memory,” says Bhasin, adding that even her local tea seller clicked a picture, to show it to his children.
Once Bhasin reached home, she saw her neighbours waiting to see the cheque. “I enjoyed the experience in office, but after reaching home I had to explain it all again to everyone who was waiting to see the cheque,” says Bhasin, who has been inundated with friend requests on Facebook, since then.
“I have got the cheque framed,” she says, “I feel it is a good luck charm, I have just opened my own office and a lot of people already know me.”