Courtney's resigned to her Twitter hole


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The Hole star, who was embroiled in a lawsuit over her Twitter page last year, admits she has been relying on others for help with her online identity, reports

"I'm not a social network genius, as evidenced by being the first and only person ever to have a Twitter lawsuit. At the time that lawsuit happened, I didn't even really fully get what Twitter was for or how it worked," said Love.

"I know this investor guy who's very serious about Twitter and he lectures me like, ‘Oh no, you should only tweet on certain days at certain times, and you should only have a certain amount of people who can follow you...' What? There are so many rules," she added.

"I have a girl who helps me with it. I can't do that by myself."

Love admits she also looked into hiring a company to remove negative stories about her from the web. But she gave up the idea when she found out the price of the service.

"My online persona is a disaster — that's not me. You can ask for help from these companies that supposedly remove stuff from the internet for you, but they're hilarious."

"[One company] said they were going to charge me $250,000 [Dh918,000] per one page of results. A quarter-million dollars per page? Are they joking?"