Fans get a chance to have dinner with Mallika Sherawat


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As a strategy to promote Hisss, the film’s makers have come up with a contest where ten lucky winners will be chosen from the first-day box office sales of the tickets. These winners, to be chosen from a lottery system, will then be extended an invitation to have dinner with the film’s leading actress Mallika Sherawat.

Mallika, who is bubbling with excitement in the run-up to the film’s release on October 22, says so far she’s been keeping in touch with her fans through Twitter. But now, she’s looking forward to meet them personally.

“I am excited about meeting them (fans) and interacting with them,” says the siren who has been away in Los Angeles a long time for the post production of Hisss and the shooting of her first Hollywood film Politics of Love.

Now, that she’s in Mumbai, her fans should make the most of it!