Classy wooden covers for the iPods


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Classy wooden covers for the iPods
Now this is what you will have to say is real style and class, there is nothing better than making something that is ultra hi tech, into something that looks like is has come fresh out of the stone age. I can just see this on the next Flintstones movie; it really does look like something from a film like that.

The Japanese lifestyle company Asuka Kobo have been making this out of wood for a long time, everything from toys to furniture and now they have managed to put their mark onto the iPod series of portable music players, it the wooden iPod cover
These covers are made from solid wood and crafted in such a style that they do actually look quite good, and even though they are wood, the effect is quite natural looking and really does do the job. So once you get used to it, the wooden cases do really look fantastic, and it would be really great to how many people actually have one of these cases on their iPods, not many I bet!

The cost of these are around 6000 Yen, which works out at about $52, whether that will be on sale in other countries other than Japan is debatable but these wooden iPod covers can always be ordered on line and bought direct. From Japan.​