Powerless iPod speakers rock the room with just earbuds


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The quality of sound that comes out of iPod speakers, like those from Bose or Altec Lansing is great, but you really can’t take these speakers with you while traveling. Brothers Scott and Mike Norrie from Sydney, Australia came up with an idea for a speaker that is lightweight, durable, and easy to take on the road.
The brothers are hitting up Kickstarter to get help in funding their new project, Tembo Trunks. While traveling through Africa, Scott and Mike wanted to listen to and share the music on their iPods, but had no way to do so. They wanted something that was small, light, could be taken with them easily, and didn’t require any power. The duo came up with an idea, but wanted to create a product that was “thoughtfully designed, sustainable, and built from superior materials.” They came up with Tembo Trunks.

They found they could amplify the sound coming out of the earbud of the iPod just by wrapping big paper cones around the earbuds. The “speakers,” if you can call them that, use an ancient form of amplification called Horn Acoustics, which is similar to what we saw used in the Bone Horn Stand.

Tembo Trunks amplify the music coming out of your iPod’s earbuds to 80dB of “clarity-enhanced Stereo Sound.” They won’t give you the kind of sound you’d get from a plug-in speaker, but the purpose isn’t to power the tunes at a warehouse dance party, it’s intent is to assist you when you want to share music in a casual setting, like traveling, camping, in your hotel room, in the office, or by the pool, for example.
True, your iPod is not impervious to water, so if you keep it by the pool you better be careful. But the Tembo Trunks are 100 percent waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. They have no moving parts or electronic components, so they’ll never just stop working. They’re made from non-oil-based, high-grade silicone rubber, and are flexible, stackable, washable, and can withstand temperatures from negative 58 degrees Fahrenheit to 302 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Tembo Trunks are really as simple as popping them out of their nesting position, inserting your iPhone or iPod’s earbuds into the speakers, and pressing play.
The brothers are at a phase where they have a fully-functional prototype, and are using Kickstarter to help raise funds for production tooling.