Bugatti to give up sports car production


ImmorTaL KhalsA
Bugatti to give up sports car production, planning Audi R8 based Sedan

After VW produced world’s most expensive, fastest, luxurious, exclusive, exquisite car, Veyron I mean, now the question arises what’s next in the lineup? And if you get an answer that VW’s Marque, Bugatti, is give up building sportscars by 2014, you will be surprised. But yes, German magazine,, has reported that Bugatti could soon end up producing sportscars and manufacture luxury sedans instead. In order to make the luxury sedan, Bugatti will use Audi R8 platform. The brand is reported to pursue a complete makeover. The models produced by Bugatti would only be addressed to a limited number of people and, of course, will come with exorbitant price.
The luxury sedan, as it seems, will be built simultaneously with Galibier (something we heard about in 2009) and is expected to get power from the Veyron’s 8.0-liter W16 engine but will accompany a pair of superchargers than quad-turbo setup. The other changes include eight-speed automatic rather than Veyron’s seven speed DSG gearbox. However it is also reported that if Galibier will remain in production will be only a limited series with 300 units. But no official word from Bugatti or VW group on the whole thing as of now.