Broken hopes

When i said can i bend on
my knee's,
You said please do it fast,
when i said i love you, said why you made me wait
for soo many hour's,
When i said i want to creep into
your heart,
you said come on get in fast,
When i said i would love to kiss
You said i want the scars,
When i said i'm only yours,
You said come & burry in ma
When i said i don't wana loose
you said that can never be your
After few years,
Time flew & changed as we know
its not ours,
When i said i don't want a break
You said can't you give me what i
asked for,
When i said please try to
You said please free me from the
When i said i'm helpless,
you said sorry for past,
When i said good bye,
You said can we be friends for
of hour's,
When i said lovers can't be
you said i know but i need you for
spending rest of hour's,
When i said i'm sorry for being a
part of your past,
You said this was our destiny
which have teared us apart....!!!