This Is Us


Rampuriya !!
When I walked through the door
I saw you standing there
Holding a drink
Pretending not to care

You said you were waiting
To see if I would come by
"For what?" I said
"To tell me more lies?"

You said that was not what you wanted
That you never meant to break my heart
You wanted us to work
Right from the very start

Then you said, "remember when we first
met and how you always said no when
I asked you on a date?"
I laughed and remembered you said
"Why not tempt fate?"

Well I did
And look where we are
Too far gone to get back
But still holding on to whatever was ours

He said, "All I want you to do is love me.
Just let me see it in your eyes,
Because I don't think I could breathe
Without you by my side.

I do love you
With all my heart and soul
You have made my life
So unbelievably whole."

Then I realized I never heard you say
those words before
And even if I never do as long as I live
I will know you gave me
All the love you have to give.

So I will stand by your side hold your
hand and give you all the love in my heart
For we will get back all we've lost
And never again grow that far apart.