BJP leader arrested for raping daughter


Prime VIP
AMRITSAR: Emboldened by the story of the Mumbai sisters who went public against their rapist father, a 21-year-old college student in Amritsar has gone to the police with her own horror story about her father, a local BJP leader, who she accused of raping her for eight years.
The man, arrested on Wednesday night, was on Thursday sent to 14-day judicial custody. Police booked the accused, also a well-off businessman, under section 376 (rape) of IPC. Medical examination of the girl confirmed sexual abuse.
A student of Guru Nanak Dev University, the ravaged girl drew courage from the Mumbai victims and spoke of her trauma to relatives from her mother's family. They then took her mother into confidence.
"I want this man to be put behind bars or shot," the girl said, crying bitterly. "My father, for that's what I have to call him, has crossed all limits of human behaviour. He started sexually abusing me since childhood. Whenever I resisted or refused to bow down to his wishes, he would threaten to burn me with acid or kerosene."
Wiping tears with her black dupatta wrapped around her face, she said, "I told my mother that if they (Mumbai victims) can, so can I. All my relatives have supported me in this. After all, it can't get more sinful than this, can it?"
The traumatised mother said, "My husband would always find a pretext to send me away so he could be alone with our daughter. He never allowed both of us to leave home together. In fact, I am forced to say that my husband had physical relations with other girls in the family as well."