Bipasha lashes out at critics


Prime VIP

Bipasha Basu seems to have learnt to take criticism — both on and off the screen — in her stride.

The actress, who’s gearing up to launch two more fitness and workout videos as extensions of her first, BB Love Yourself, reacts to widespread criticism of her first video, saying, “Whenever you do something new, there will be detractors. My video was foolproof, including the camera angles to show the postures correctly. The video copies have sold like hot cakes. So, if someone has decided to badmouth it without even trying the exercises, it’s his or her problem, not mine,” Basu retorts.

Basu, who also plans to launch her range of workout wear, followed by a Fall/Winter line in September, adds, “I’m not one of those celebs who shoots an ad, collects her payment and moves on. I’m in the business of health and I wanted it to be fashionable.”

So, is opening a gym in the offing, given her fitness-obsession? “I’ll have to quit acting for that. It’s a full-time job that, at some point, I’d love to do. But for now, acting is my focus,” she replies. Basu also feels that maintaining a body is a bigger pressure for men than women in Bollywood: “I’m keen to see how the Bollywood boys take charge of their bodies when they have to reduce and put on weight in consecutive films.”