When Bipasha Basu couldn’t find Akshay Kumar


Prime VIP
That Akshay Kumar is a prankster, everyone in Bollywood knows. And a number of them have been at the receiving end of his pranks as well.

The latest to become the butt of Akki’s joke is Bipasha Basu who’s worked with the star rather rarely in her long acting career. It happened recently at a film studio in Mumbai’s suburbs where Akshay was shooting for an ad film and Bipasha was there for the film Dum Maro Dum.

When Bipasha learned that Akshay was also shooting close by she decided to make a visit to the star. But guess what happened! When she went on the sets of Akshay’s ad shoot, she couldn’t locate the star. She looked around here and there but to her shock Akshay wasn’t to be seen anywhere.

Funnily, Akshay was right in front of her, dressed up as an old man for the ad. But he did not reveal his identity. He took fun in making Bipasha fool and only when he saw that she was at the end of her patience, did he reveal himself and end the suspense.