Best Abdominal Exercises


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Year after year, many men strive to work their abs and achieve the much desired 'six-pack abs' look. The reason for wanting 'six-pack abs' is quite predictable - to impress everyone around them and be labeled as the 'cool dude in town'. While aspiring for a toned abdomen doesn't do any harm, you should select the exercises carefully and learn them under proper guidance. At the same time, remember that you would actually feel a pressure in your abs, when you start working out hard, to strengthen and tone them up. In case you do not want to hit the gym and want to try out something easy and effective at your own place, then check out the article. We have short-listed some of the best abdominal exercises, along with the instructions for doing them.

Top Workouts For Abs

Bicycle Crunch
To do bicycle crunch, you need to lie flat on the floor, with your lower back pressed to the ground. Now, join your hands, with fingers locked in a criss-cross manner, and place them behind your head. Bring your right knees up to an angle of 45 degrees. Next, touch your left elbow to your right knee and then, your right elbow to your left knee, just like cycling. Make sure that you breathe evenly, throughout the exercise.

Exercise Ball Crunch
To do exercise ball crunch, lie on the medicine ball, positioning it under your mid or lower back. Now, cross your arms and place them behind your head. Gently lift your torso off the ball, by contracting your abs. While doing so, pull the bottom of your ribcage down, towards your hips. The next step is to curl up, without rolling the exercise ball - it should be stable at its position. Lower your back down to its original position, getting a stretch in the abs. Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Seated Workout With Exercise Ball
Sit on the floor and bend your knees a bit. While doing this, your feet should be positioned flat on the floor. Now, contract your abs, by sitting at about 45 degrees angle. Hold the exercise ball with both hands, positioning it in front of you. Contract your abs and twist slowly from your torso to your right hand side. Try to let the medicine ball touch the floor beside you, in the same position. Contract your abs quickly, but smoothly. Now, let the medicine ball touch the floor on the other side, by following the same method. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Half Curl
To do half curl, lie on your back and bend your knees, with the feet flat on the floor. In the same position, place your palms on your thighs. Now, contract the muscles in your abdomen and curl up, until your fingertips reach your knees. Breathe out slowly, as you curl up. Lower yourself and come back to the original position, by breathing in slowly. Repeat the exercise once again, at the same pace. You may do this exercise for ten times, at a stretch. While doing the exercise, make sure that your head is positioned upwards.

Vertical Crunch
Lie on your back. Now, stretch your legs up towards the ceiling. While doing so, ensure that you leave a small gap between the legs. Now, place your hands behind your head, by locking the fingers tightly. In this position, contract your abs and try to lift your shoulder blades off the floor. Keep your legs extended and press your heels up, towards the ceiling. By doing so, you will create a 'u' shape with the torso. Hold the position for five seconds and lower down, to get back to your original position. Repeat the workout ten times.