Benefits Of Breakfast


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - doctors don’t say this without a reason! Like fuel is needed for a vehicle to move, breakfast is needed by the body to get energy and perform well. Be it kids, youngsters, adults or old people, everyone needs breakfast to start the day on a healthy note. You don’t have to prepare something special in the morning. A glass of milk with cereals and a fruit or a thick smoothie of some fruits and milk is a good breakfast. If you have the time to cut fruits and also have some sprouts, it makes up for a very healthy breakfast.

You might argue by saying that even though you never take breakfast, you are able to go and work till lunch. Of course, you get your energy from regular cups of coffee and tea till something solid and healthy goes down your throat. This will affect you in the long run very badly as you are consuming unhealthy calories. Maybe you never tried having breakfast before. Start with some milk and cereals and watch your productivity increase like never before! Check out the health benefits of breakfast.

  • Improves concentration and results in better memory. This leads to a better start of the day and leads to improved performance.
  • Those who had breakfast on a regular breakfast were found to have an adequate balance of nutrients and minerals in their body as compared to those who did not have breakfast.
  • If you are thinking skipping breakfast will make you slim, think again! Research indicates that those who skip breakfast are likely to become overweight with time due to extreme hunger later in the day.
  • Making the breakfast an excuse to meet up the family in the morning is a great way to bond and also have breakfast with some doses of laughter! It is a great way to start the day and you can be sure your day will turn out to be better than what you expect.
  • Those who have breakfast tend to fall less sick as compared to those who skip breakfast. This is because the body is energetic, stronger and more immune to diseases and infections.
  • Just having a fruit and some milk in the morning is good enough even if you don’t have the time to prepare a better breakfast. Choose from eggs, last night’s dinner, pizza without fat, etc. as quick breakfast for the morning.