Importance Of Breakfast For Weight Loss


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"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” - John Gunther
The most important meal of the day receives the least importance. And, not giving breakfast its due weight is the most common mistakes that people make. Though most people know the benefits of a good breakfast, they still skip it. The reasons are varied like lack of time, not hungry, or the misconception that it will make one sluggish. Whatever be the reasons, you need to know that only a healthy breakfast can rev up your day by giving your body a nutritional boost. Another little known aspect of a good breakfast is that it helps in reducing your weight and keeping your weight under control. Many people refuse to believe it as according to them it defies logic. How can gorging on food, they argue, the first thing in the morning help one to reduce weight? They follow the myth that weight can only be lost by cutting down on how much you eat. Such people do not understand the two basic facts of losing weight. That is reducing weight depends on ‘what’ you eat, and at ‘what time’ you eat. That is why the argument that breakfast is very necessary to lose weight, holds much water. Even if you are not overweight, breakfast helps you in not becoming one. To know more on the relationship between breakfast and weight loss read the article given below.

Breakfast And Weight Loss

  • Breakfast literally means ‘breaking the fast’. It is the first meal after the longest gap of the day. After a sleep of eight to ten hours, the body needs to refuel its blood glucose levels. This is provided by the breakfast.
  • In the morning, the metabolic rate dips because of the gap between the dinner and the next meal, in the body. After the breakfast, the metabolic rate and the blood glucose level increases. This helps in the breakdown of fat due to the production of some enzymes, necessary for this task. The breakdown of fat is essential for the production of energy to make you going throughout the day.
  • One of the main reasons of weight gain is the uncontrollable desire to gorge on snacks throughout the day. These are the main source of cholesterol, which leads to the accumulation of fat, and hence weight gain. When you have a proper breakfast, it keeps you from feeling hungry and so stops you from gorging on snacks and other unhealthy stuff.
  • A healthy and balanced breakfast provides the body with all the necessary nutrients that will fuel the body throughout the day. It keeps you active and stops you from being lethargic. If you are active, throughout the day, the fats will be burned constantly and there would be no fat buildup. So, your weight will be significantly reduced.
  • In children, breakfast is very effective in reducing obesity as it prevents them from binging on junk. Since, children tend to be very active, the breakfast is very necessary to provide the energy to help them growing throughout the day.
Balanced Breakfast For Weight Loss

  • The breakfast should contain a whole grain cereal topped with a fruit. This should be followed by a cup of yogurt.
  • Or you can have whole grain waffles with peanut butter topped with a fruit or ricotta cheese.
  • Another very good healthy and balanced breakfast is whole-wheat pitta stuffed with hard cooked eggs.
  • A bowl of any hot cereal topped with nutmeg or cloves is also very effective in keeping the weight under control.
  • A bagel topped with peanut butter, a cup of fruit and a glass of low-fat milk is also a very good option.
  • Go for whole fruit rather than the juice.