Baby left with pit bull 'babysitter' as man goes for beer


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Baby left with pit bull? Yes, he was unharmed, but the child's caregiver, who went out for beer is under arrest. James R. Irvine, a northeastern Florida man, is charged with child neglect after he left his child in the care of the animal while the baby's mom went to work last Friday.

In an SFGate report on Dec. 7, the shocking news of the man's alleged reckless behavior was revealed.

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Flagler County sheriff's authorities say the man (pictured here) left the baby with a pit bull Friday night after a woman left him in charge of the child's care. Instead, he left the residence and drove to a local bar, where he allegedly remained for hours.

The woman made repeated calls to the man, to no avail. However, when he finally took the call, he said he was at the home "watching a game." Reports say he then abruptly hung up.

Later, when the woman arrived, she discovered the man trying to gain entry into the home through the garage. She notified police, who later arrested the man and charged him for child neglect.

Irvine told police he was on the couch the entire time. However, they took him to the local bar, where they met an employee, who identified the man and said he ran up a bar tab of nearly $24.00.

Thankfully, the baby left with the pit bull is only 10-months-old and too young to remember this moment in his life...perhaps.