5-year-old boy sodomised by teen, left for dead

Miss Alone

Prime VIP
A five-year-old boy was sodomised, strangled and left for dead by a 15-year-old boy in Danililmda on Thursday night. The victim was rescued by a couple who found him lying unconscious on a river bank.

The accused teenager has been detained by Danilimda police under the Juvenile Justice Act and handed over to the children's observation home. According to police, they were informed by the child's parents on Thursday night that a teenager living their locality had first sodomised their five-year-old son and then strangulated him to death.
"When we reached the spot we were told by the boy's grandfather that he had seen the accused with the boy by the road side. As the little boy was crying the old man had asked the teenager where he was taking him," said MK Rana, inspector of Danilimda police station. Police sources said according to boy's grandfather the accused had then claimed that the boy had got injured while playing and that he was going to buy him an ice- cream.
"We immediately detained the teenager who broke down during questioning and confessed that he had sodomised the boy. When he started crying he strangled the boy to death and threw his body in a bush on the banks of a nearby river," added Rana.
Police officials said a team was rushed to the spot with the teenager but they could not find the body. "We searched the place throughout the night but in vain," said a police official "On Friday morning a couple approached the cops with the boy and said that they had found the boy lying unconscious on the river bed and brought him to the police station after he regained consciousness," said a police official.