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Mumbai-Karisma Kapoor delivered a baby boy yesterday morning at Breach Candy hospital. She already has a daughter, Samaira. Both Karisma and the baby boy are in good health.

Present at the hospital, apart from husband Sunjay Kapur, were sister Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. Said Kareena, “All is good. The baby is healthy and so is Karisma. We are yet to decide on the name but it will be something that starts with a K.”


While Sunjay Kapur, who has been camping in Mumbai for five days now, is thrilled to be a father again, he’s definitely not discounting his options. “Is my family complete now? Who knows? I think the more the merrier,” he laughs.

Though he insists there’s no name he has in mind for his son yet, Sunjay is not ruling out Kareena’s suggestion for it to start with a K. “We’ll decide soon enough. Samaira looks a lot like me and I’m hoping my son will take after Karisma. I must say Samaira is very thrilled. She just celebrated her fifth birthday on March 11 and a day later she has a brother.”

Sunjay said he plans to stay in Mumbai with his family till the end of the month at least. “Samaira’s school is in session, so they won’t be coming with me immediately. Once her summer vacations start, all three of them will join me in Delhi.”

And while he’s here, there’s word that Sunjay might be playing a polo match next week. “I haven’t brought my horses here, but I might get some friend to mount me on a horse,” he said.



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