Alone again


Rampuriya !!
You said- time was something you needed,
That you wanted to find things out.
You said- I have changed
Because of situations you heard out of my mouth.
You said- you loved me at the time...
But, yet, you put it behind.
Now you're not mine
Because you think not from your heart- but from your mind.

You said- I have been changed, in your mind, to you.
But then you said- time would tell if it was "me and you."
As a result from your mind, not your heart,
I am alone again... we always do this!
The twisting and turnig at nights,
Me wondering... does he want only me?
But you never let my past be forgotten or become free.

You dwell and spell out the words
That keep me and you from being together.
My past, my past... is all you can think of, but try to refrain.
As a result I am alone... we are alone again.
When will we stop ending up like this, but rather finally begin?
I caressed, and held, and comforted you,
As well as loved you with my voice.
But you never come to the relazation
That I am your destation, your course.
To follow your point....
As usual you think with your mind, not your heart,
Keeping your head in my past and leaving me alone again.
Never allowing me to begin, but always end.
Leaving me alone again.

You drive my hopes and dreams
and, once feared, love gone from my mind
And allow me to think with my heart towards you,
But instead you, in the end, make me look like the fool-
Dead, never able to swim to the top
But rather drown.

Again, as a result you, me-
We end up alone like the eight ball when playing pool
And, as a friend, never heart felt lovers.
And, as a result, we end up as friends- over an over again.
Leaving my emotions and thoughts and concerns- alone again.
Putting pain, hurt and scars on me, in me.
You said we were to be, that we would be free- just you and me,
But you only leave me free and