Aamir Khan turns editor for 'Delhi Belly'


Aamir Khan’s movies are incomplete without his involvement, or as some would say, intervention. So, now when his latest production Delhi Belly that stars his nephew Imran Khan is almost complete, the stickler for perfection, Mr Khan, has developed serious doubts about the film.

In fact, Aamir being a watchdog is apparently not that pleased with the first cut of ‘Delhi Belly’, directed by the first-time director Abhinay Deo. So, as usual, he is ready to do the patch-up work and add his cinematic sense to it. And this time he will become an editor. The actor will reportedly edit the film and will also guide the director in improving the final product.

Currently, Aamir is busy with the post production of Peepli Live, and then he also has to help his wifey in her film Dhobi Ghaat. That means ‘Delhi Belly’ has to wait.

The movie is already delayed.